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Dance of The Two

von Pulsatilla

Dance of The Two
774 €

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über das Kunstwerk

Painting: Acrylic, Oil and Gesso on Canvas. This painting is about the collaboration of rough and subtle brush strokes, the gentle way the darker colors let the lighter shines through, and fair play between the drips and blended colors. Hence, the dance of the two. Keywords: oil painting, contemporary art, modern art, colorful abstract, interior design, abstract art for sale, beautiful abstract painting, oil abstract painting

Höhe(cm) x Breite(cm) 160 x 120
Farbmaterial ÖL
Größe 90 - 180 cm (L)
Stadt Bremen
Land Deutschland
Format Vertikal
Medium Malerei

farbig, rot, gelb, weiss, orange, violett, pink,

Thema Abstrakt
Jahr 2015

Über den Künstler

Hi, I am Pulsatilla. Through my art I wish to encourage you to find your own light. Because every truth is always second hand until we experience it ourselves, so keep paving your own path. Since I love nature, plants and flowers, you’ll find man...


Dance of The Two

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