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Die Toleranz

von Farshad

Die Toleranz
2.975 €

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über das Kunstwerk

The artworks are excellent, unique and one of a kind. Artworks are created from quality wood using hand tools. Each piece is carefully hand cut or carved. Hundreds of pieces of different species of wood are used in each artwork. Therefore, each artwork takes weeks and usually months to complete, consequently impossible to is one of the few places where quality Marquetry can be obtained. Artworks are produced based on advance order. Most of the artworks that you see in our gallery have been created for clients around the globe. Occasionally we may have a piece or two in our shop that are available for immediate sale, but generally a custom piece takes between four weeks to a year depending on its size and detail.

Höhe(cm) x Breite(cm) 80 x 60
Farbmaterial andere
Stadt Düsseldorf
Land Deutschland
Format Vertikal
Medium andere


Thema Surreal
Jahr 2010

Über den Künstler

Farshad Haji Hosseini ist in Tehran ,iran geboren . Schon seit der kindheit interessiert er sich für Holz und das Holzhandwerk . Innerhalb verschiedener lehrgänge zum thema ,umgang mit Holz ,hat sich seine leidenschaft immer weiter entwickelt. Sei...


Die Toleranz

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Die Toleranz

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