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Vivienne Westwood with roses

von Fez7

 Vivienne Westwood with roses
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über das Kunstwerk

Her Majesty Vivienne Westwood, acrylic colours on canvas. Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood (born 8 April 1941) is a British fashion designer and businesswoman, largely responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream. Westwood came to public notice when she made clothes for Malcolm McLaren's boutique in the King's Road, which became famous as "SEX". It was their ability to synthesise clothing and music that shaped the 1970s UK punk scene, dominated by McLaren's band, the Sex Pistols. She was deeply inspired by the shock-value of punk—"seeing if one could put a spoke in the system".

Höhe(cm) x Breite(cm) 46 x 39
Farbmaterial Acryl
Größe bis 60 cm (S)
Stadt Berlin
Land Deutschland
Format Vertikal
Medium Malerei

Thema Pop-Art
Jahr 2016

Über den Künstler

Federica Masini is an Italian artist and living in Berlin since 2004. She studied art in Italy and fell in love with the Pop Art. She grew up with Marvel Comics got obsessed with the colours of them. She is also very inspired by Berlin´s street a...


 Vivienne Westwood with roses

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