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Twice I Saw The Raven-2015

von Pulsatilla

Twice I Saw The Raven-2015
595 €

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über das Kunstwerk

Painting: Acrylic, Gesso and Oil on Canvas. The first painting in which I use impasto technique. The first layers are build with acrylic, I then proceed with strongly diluted oil in in linseed and the last layer is thick oil paint. I use warm hues mostly in their light tones as celebration of liveliness and joy. Later in my blog on www.personalepiphany.com I will also post some detail pictures depicting the bold, yummy structure one can find in this painting. Keywords: abstract oil, impasto, abstract painting , contemporary art, modern art, Contemporary Painting, home decor, art for sale, abstract acrylic, thick oil painting, colorful abstract painting, interior

Höhe(cm) x Breite(cm) 100 x 40
Farbmaterial ÖL
Größe 60 - 90 cm (M)
Stadt Bremen
Land Deutschland
Format Vertikal
Medium Malerei

farbig, rot, gelb, weiss, orange, violett, pink,

Thema Abstrakt
Jahr 2015

Über den Künstler

Hi, I am Pulsatilla. Through my art I wish to encourage you to find your own light. Because every truth is always second hand until we experience it ourselves, so keep paving your own path. Since I love nature, plants and flowers, you’ll find man...


Twice I Saw The Raven-2015

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